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asked January 19th 2020

How to make an edible clear Martini Glass

I have been asked to make a cake and on top of it they have requested the above glass to stand with liquid poured in it. I have seen moulds but they are very expensive. Also Isomalt crystals are very expensive, therefore does anybody has a tried and tested recipe to make isomalt, please? I thought about white modelling chocolate, but then I do get th “clear glass” effect.

Also any suggestions to make the above would be appreciated.
Thank you.


** I thought about white modelling chocolate, but then I do not get the “clear glass” effect.


Hi rdha64

It is perfectly acceptable to use a clear plastic martini glass if you are unable to make one. That’s exactly what other people do. The glass can be secured to the cake with either a little candy melts or with some royal icing.

The liquid can be poured into the glass once the cake is in situ.

Plastic martini glasses can be purchased online and in some supermarkets. Google ‘plastic martini glasses’ to see suppliers.

Hope the suggestion helps. Please come back if you need more information. 🙂

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