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asked October 23rd 2012

How to make Indian style bangle’s!

Hi, can anyone help me I’m really stuck, I’ve got a cake order which involves making Indian bangles I triedaking them using cookie cutters but looks too square from the side and then I tried making the florist paste into sausage shape then shaped it into bangle shape but it looked wonky and wasn’t even all the way plus I couldn’t cover the joints, I also have to put edible diamond on it so can someone please help me by letting me know how I can make a perfect bangles and what do I need to make them do I use florist paste or fondant or both!!??

Thank you!


Hi Herageum

Anything cut out from fondant or gumpaste will look flat and distort to a certain degree, so you’re not really going to be able to make ‘perfect’ bangles. You could try drawing out several circles using compass and pencil or edible pen on parchment paper then piping round with Royal icing. This would give a more raised circle if you piped thick circles. The joins can be smoothed out with a damp paint brush. Once dried (leave to dry for about a week) you can gently remove the circles from the paper by sliding a palette knife underneath and then decorate with gold dusting powder. The gems can be stuck on with a little edible glue. Alternative way would be to roll out your gumpaste and cut out a circle with medium size round cutter, then use a smaller round cutter to cut inside of that so you’re left with an O. Leave it to dry right out and decorate.


Hi Herageum,

I use an extruder for making delicate things like this. Although they are expensive to begin with I have found mine to be invaluable. The Makins Clay Extruder is the best one to use as other types can be very hard to work with. The main reason I use it is because I cannot use an icing bag and it gives the same effect in some cases as piped royal icing. I hope this helps.

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