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asked January 20th 2020

How to Make Passion Fruit out of Fondant.

Good evening,

I need to make the above – so I was thinking of using sugarpaste and cmc for the outside/flesh.
For the pulp and seeds – not sure how this would be made? Piping gel? if so how would I make the seeds with black pips/dots in the middle?
Thank you in advance.


Hi Sky64

I would scrape out the contents of real passion fruit and set it with a little gelatin to use as the realistic filling for the fondant passion fruit. This way you will get all the little black seeds and the taste and aroma of the fruit. You could also use the carcass of the fruit as your template for making the sugar model. An alternative might be chia seeds which swell up when soaked overnight and closely resemble passion fruit seeds.
The problem with piping gel is, that it never really sets so it may end up messy. If you allow it to sit for several days out in a shallow container it might set a little.

Let me know if this helps or if you require more information.

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