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asked June 30th 2012

How to use cocolate buttercream under white fondant?

I have some problems ensuring that you cannot see any of the buttercream under the icing if its a dark chocolate buttercream, this is not as muchof an issue if the cake is to be coloured or decorated, its easier to “hide” flaws.  But i have a very clean plain ivory cake to do next week, with the middle tier as chocolate.


What do ou recommend to ensure that there is no part of the fondant showing the buttercream?  Im not keen on really thick fondant.


I highly recommend using chocolate ganache. I have been using dark chocolate ganache to cover my cakes and succesfully cover them with white fondant. The dark chocolate never shows through.
I you aren’t keen on that, what about using white chocolate fondant. It’s more opaque and should give you good coverage.


have you considered using marzipan? that will not show from under the fondant and will enhance the taste of the icing as well.


try using a ganache, there is a recipe included under the free courses/ beginner section

it firms up and is easy to use, all you need is a scraper and you can get a great looking cake in hardly any time

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