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asked March 14th 2013

How would you transport the church cake ??

I want to make the church cake but how would one suggest you transport it to venue ?


Hi Jayniebabes

If I was transporting this cake I’d do it in sections. Have all the cakes doweled, put the church entrance, 12″,9″ tier in one box, the middle section and tower in another box. It may also be safer to assemble the flowers at the venue. I think the whole cake ready assembled would be very heavy, and would you be able to get it in to a vehicle? Extra strong large transporting boxes are available http://www.cakecraftshop.co.uk/shop/3/362/ if you had to move it whole. Might be wise to measure the whole thing before purchasing the box. I always transport tiered cakes individually and assemble at the venue although this isn’t always an option as some venues won’t allow set up the day before, most allow on the actual day but you’d have to check with the organiser. I’m sure other members will have more ideas, this is just mine. Good luck with the cake.

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