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asked November 16th 2012


As its nearly Xmas (bah haumbug) lol would it be possible for the igloo cake to have the ingredients and tools list?



Could somebody let me know how to make red buttercream, everytime I add red paste it just goes pink the more red I add the more the colour seems to seperate it just looks awful, please help x


Hi Joanne

Very hard to make red butter cream, unfortunately the more you add it starts to taste yuk! Have you tried Squire’s kitchen Red Extra and also Christmas Red? Make your icing well in advance, the colour will develop if you let it sit for a couple hours or overnight. sorry can’t be more help, g’d luck with it.


Hi jb1958,

We’re actually just looking at all the Christmas cakes now to see how soon we can get them updated with tools and ingredients and also into the new layout. Hopefully it’ll be very soon, so we’ll keep you posted!



Thanks matt
Very helpful

Still undecided whether to make the igloo cake, traditional cake or Santa cake.

Mmmm perhaps I will make all 3 lol



Hi Jb 1958

Here’s a few approx amounts for the igloo cake ingredients:

1 x 6″ chocolate cake, 1 x 8″ chocolate cake
1.5 k white roll out icing for the igloo, any left overs can be used for the penguins chests and door
Possibly 750g for the board might have some left over which can be combined for door
Approx 500 g green icing for the forest ( you’ll probably have some left over depending how big a forest you want)
Approx 300 g black for the penguins, ( a bit more if you want Emperor penguins)
Approx 40 g blue for the ice path
Little bit of red for the poinsettia wreath
A bit of brown for the door
14″ cake drum
1.25 m ribbon for the board ( your cake shop would be able to tell you the exact amount)
A 12″ ruler
A veining tool to etch out the brick work
Impression mat for the path
Wood impression mat for the door
For the ganache, by just eye balling it I think 600g chocolate made up to Paul’s ganache recipe.
If you need more you know it’s easy to make so not really a big hassel, and if you have left overs you know it freezes well to use on another project.
Did I miss anything?
I’m doing this one for me for Christmas! Everyone else can have the fruit cakes!! (hehe)


wow thankyou x


Was a bit of a marathon, but you’re welcome! xx

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