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asked July 26th 2022

Ingredients label

I am just starting out and at present my business is not trading i make for family and friends.

I am making a cake for my granddaughter birthday and the venue has told my daughter in law that I must provide a list of ingredients or she will not be allowed to hand out the cake

What do i need to do any help welcome



Hi Irene

If you’re a Pro member, please look through the business tutorials which cover allergies and labelling. If you do not have access to Pro tutorials please see the Food Standards Agency guidance here:


Give the venue a complete list of all the ingredients you’ve used.

A very useful place to get more information is at your local council in the environmental health department. You could also ask for a visit from them to inspect your kitchen for rating. They are extremely helpful.


Thanks. I am a pro member and getting my kitchen fitted and will then get the ball rolling re council etc

I need this for Saturday so will have a look thanks

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