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asked July 7th 2018

Inserting a pouch into upright barrel cake.

Hello, has anybody inserted a pouch into an upright barrel cake. The pouch has a little tap which will be on the outside of the cake. The smallest food safe pouch i could find held 3 ltrs but i am only putting in enough liquid to be poured into 2 little glasses. I will have to roll up the pouch a bit and cover it in cling film etc, but how to keep it inside so it doesn't move. I did have a thought of covering it with chocolate ganache so the layers of cake surrounding it will adhere to it and keep it firm. The whole barrel cake will be covered in chocolate ganache and then fondant later. I haven't attempted anything like this before and hoped somebody could suggest another way? Many Thanks.



Hi Julia

Take a peek at the comments under the video for a really good idea. Greg has put in a link for a piece of equipment which simplified the process.

I would put the link in for you but I don’t know how to from my phone. I hope you can find it .


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