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asked May 11th 2018

Is one 16″ cake board sturdy enough to take weight of a 4tiered wedding cake

I am making a 4 tiered wedding cake. The bottom tier is a 12" fruit cake, using your fruit cake recipe. Is the 16" cake drum going to be sufficient to carry the weight of the entire stacked cake or should I use two cake drums stuck together.


Hi gdavies

I've never transported fully stacked cakes. However, where weight is concerned, my motto is, when in doubt double up. I think it will depend a lot on how tall the cakes are and also the density of the other tiers, I used to transport in twos and assemble at the venue. I realise this isn't always possible. Please bear in mind that a fully stacked cake is extremely heavy and awkward to carry. Have a trolley or a couple of helpers to assist carrying. 🙂

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