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asked January 30th 2018

Is sending a decorated cake by courier a really bad idea?

So I have been asked to make an 80th birthday cake for a customer for next month. She loves gardening and flowers. They love my work and really want to have one of my cakes. Lovely.
But... the only problem is, I am in Poole, Dorset and the customer is in Leicester.
They asked me to organise a courier to get it to them as part of the price.
So far I have looked around the web, and really have found no confidence in sending a decorated cake via a third party. I saw a prog on TV the other day with a lady who sent a cake on the train to London!
So my question is, has anyone sent a decorated cake buy courier and did it get there undamaged? Or is it just a flat-out 'no no' to do this?


Hi sugarmouse

There was a similar question posted a couple of weeks ago. Please take a peek here for my answer:

Posting cupcakes and decorated biscuits

Hope the information is useful. If you do find a suitable courier, I would be really grateful for your feedback. 🙂


Thanks Madeitwithlove, I had read that post, though I was thinking a decorated cake would be more problematic than cookies and cupcakes, as in the nature of the size and weight. I wondered if it was a normal practise for any cake business to courier cakes. But sure, will of course reply with anything I find.


I'm sure there are lots of cake makers who do courier their cakes. The question is, do they send them locally with taxis or have they found specialised couriers who do cake runs?? I'm going to have another scout and see if these people exist. See more posts here: https://www.cakeflix.com/questions?s=courier

I'll post back if I find anything. 🙂


Hi sugarmouse

Thought I'd get back to you with some more information on dedicated cake couriers. I called up Igoo courier this morning and the cost of a cake delivered from Poole in Dorset to Leicester would be in the region of £600.00!!!!!!

I haven't asked anyone else yet but I know others will have a similar answer. I saw a post on Letterbox cakes today which sends cakes through Royal mail. However, as their name suggests, it is only cakes which will fit into a letterbox. The logistics of ferrying cakes around all over the country (unless in dedicated vehicles) is not easy. We only have to know how carefully we have to drive to deliver in our personal transport. It's a massive responsibility.

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