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asked January 25th 2013

stacking cakes


I have been asked to make a 9” rubic cube, which will involve 3×9” cakes stacked. Would it be best to stack the cakes with thin boards inbetween the layers, or could I get away with dowels?

A really helpful site, it’s always good to know you are not the only one that has problems.


Hi Jenny

I would put thin boards under each cake and dowels too. My concern would be the filling and icing which all adds extra weight. It would be better for cutting as well, each cake can be cut down to the level of the individual board rather cutting down the whole depth, and it would look neater. I can relate to what you’re saying, a while back I made a set of drums and was glad to have used boards and dowels, the cakes were jolly heavy. Hope this helps but I’m sure you’ll get other answers.


Hi Madeitwithlove,

Thank you for your comments, you always give very good sound advice, much appreciated.


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