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asked November 16th 2012

Jimmy Choo Logo

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if Paul used rice paper for the Jimmy Choo logo? And if he did then how do you stick it on?


Hiya I think he uses a printer and icing sheets, well that’s what I used when I made the shoe cake. I don’t own an edible printer so I just ordered it from a company online. Hope this helps


Hiya michelle,

Thank you for answering, I too ordered online as I don’t have the printer. Mine came as rice paper with the instructions to use a bit of royal icing to glue them on.

Unfortunately I don’t do royal icing and do not have any equipment and it also states on the instructions that glace icing or water will not work….am wondering if edible glue would be best?


You can buy royal icing in packets, you just add water to get the right consistency. You could then just put little tiny blobs on using the end of a tsp or something. Edible glue is quite runny it might soak through the rice paper, I’m no expert though so hopefully someone else will know more. Good luck x


Hi Jgibb

You could also make a firm paste from a little fondant icing. Just break a piece of your roll out fondant, put it in a small dish, sprinkle a few drops of boiled water on it until it softens. Mix it until it becomes a stiff paste. You can also pipe with it and use it as glue to stick models together. Good if you don’t want to make up a shed load of Royal icing.


Thank you Michelle and MIWL x

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