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asked October 30th 2012

Jimmy choo shoe cake

I am a new member, and I am having trouble no sound help please,


Hi Maxsmum

I’ve just played all the lessons for this tutorial and the sound is working. Did you click on course lessons? Is the sound on your computer turned on? I know they seem silly question but worth just checking. If all checks out, try a different browser, sometimes that works. if you get no joy post again. Hope you can get into the tutorial, and welcome to the site.


Hi Maxsmum,

Thanks for your questions. Could you drop me an email if you are still having trouble? A new browser is always a good start like madeitwithlove says.

Email me on [email protected]

Kind regards

Paul Doffman
Customer Support


Hi Paul,
Thank you very much, just let you know after
Fiddling with my headphones everything is fine,
Another question,
Basque cake,
Do you give the ingredients
And the tools


Hi Maxsmum

There isn’t an ingredients list for the basque cake yet but Paul D is updating all the older tutorials so it will be there eventually. Here are the amounts I used:

Teddy bear brown fondant 750g
Red fondant 750g
Black fondant 500g

You will also need two 8″ cakes and one 10″ cake of your choice.
For a 10″ cake you would either need 12″ or 14″ board. I think Paul says the size in the tutorial. Ribbon for the board which your cake decorating shop can measure for the size board you choose to use.
The butterfly cutters are from PME as are the stitch tool and the veining tool which Paul used to define the waist on the carved torso.
I used a 9×13 pan and made the boobies in two 6″ pudding basins which made the shaping a little easier.
These amounts for the vessels I used, the tutorial cakes are slightly deeper to what I had.
The cake is an absolute joy to make, it was much easier than I thought it would be.
I hope some of this information helps, if you need anymore details please post again. I haven’t had time to look at the tutorial so am not able to work out the precise amounts. G’d luck with it.


Sorry I forgot to add the amounts for the ganach. I used 2 kilo of chocolate and used Paul’s ratio in the ganache tutorial. I did have a some left over which I froze and used up on another project. You may need more but ganach is easy to make so it wouldn’t be problem to make up some more if you run short. Happy creating!

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