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asked March 13th 2013

just a moan !

Hi all, i know this isn’t really the place- but needed to share with others and have a moan. Why is it people want cakes for nothing. Just had grumpy customer over the phone wanting a land rover sculpted cake for less than forty pounds. Where do these people come from?? Do they really think that you can do a bespoke cake with quality for the same price as a tesco bought cake. Do people do this just because I bake from home or do they do it in the shops too. x


I do think that its easier for someone on the phone to say thanks I’ll think about it if they are taken aback at the price than someone standing in a shop in front of the staff and other customers, perhaps having spent 15 mins looking through a photo album!


Good cake ain’t cheap. Cheap cake ain’t good!


Hi S-1-hart

Have a look at ‘too expensive or just unlucky?’, a question posted a while ago. Good that you can vent your frustration here, but you’re not on your own. Don’t think it could have been a competitor checking you out?
You know your work is worth what you charge. If this person can’t recognise the difference between something which has been crafted and one which is mass produced then they’re not going to be your type of customer, and really not worth stressing over. Keep baking and be confident. xx


Hi S-1-Hart,

There’s not too much I can add to what Madeitwithlove says, but I thought I’d just quickly share a link to a recent video Q&A that David and Paul put together in case you’ve not seen it. David answers this exact question, so it could be helpful to you.

Keep on caking! It can be frustrating but there’s plenty of space in this world for premium cakes to be sold at the correct price. Someone who wants to pay £40 for a Land Rover cake just isn’t your target market!

Here’s the link – http://www.cakeflix.com/blog/pro-qa




Again, not more to add, but to be honest, if they don’t like the price, then let them go off to Tesco and buy something full of E numbers, preservatives and additives. Just remember the horsemeat scandle – at least you know what is in your cake, and are not putting anyone at risk. You can cater for allergies too whereas a shop-bought one cannot. Your time is not cheap, after all it is your livelihood we are talking about. Let them explain to a disappointed child that they were not prepared to pay for a decent home made and hand decorated cake – but then we don’t give clubcard points either!!


Thanks made it, I know it shouldn’t stress me- but you start to question yourself and the price. wouldn’t mind but i don’t charge over the odds ,my over heads are quite low and im still learning, but i do want to cover my time and the cake costs. Tho thinking about it now she did at one point say “cheap and cheerful”- maybe should have re directed her at this point lol!!
thanks sharon x


Thanks Matt, I missed the link, should have included it. x


Thanks every one
its nice to know that their is some one who will listen to me moan- give my poor hubby a rest lol x x

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