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asked May 15th 2012

Keeping track of Q & A

Does anyone know how to keep track on the Q & A?  I have tried submitting an answer and using the ‘get an email’ button but I am not getting emails.  Fortunately I looked up a question I had commented on and found someone had asked me a question.  It would have seemed as if I was ignoring them.


Not sure why thats happening to you. I’ve been getting notifications when people respond to a question I posed last week. Perhaps it only notifies the thread starter rather than people who post within the thread. Might be worth letting Paul know so he can get IT on to it. Michele x


Hi Jayess and Michele,

Thanks for bringing this up. It looks like you are doing it right. You should just have to click the link at the bottom of the post “Click here to be notified of followup answers via e-mail” I have been using this to keep track of questions and it has been working for me just fine. A couple of thing to check for that might help.

What email address did you use to sign up for the site? (don’t post you email address here but I just want to make sure its defiantly the address you are checking for the updates.)

You might have entered your email address wrong when registering. Might be best to contact me so I can check this for you.

Check your spam folder just in case emails are ending up there.

If you want to get in touch so I can look into this further please do 🙂 my email address is [email protected]

I will try and email you manually to let you know about this reply.


Paul Doffman

Help & Support


Thanks for info everyone.  I have found the answer!  I had registered with a different email address that I hadn’t checked.  DOH!!!!  Sorry Paul!

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