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asked November 10th 2018

Kinder bueno cake recipe

have you any recipes/suggestions? ie perhaps a white chocolate cake recipe


Hello marymcgown

Try the one in the following link. It has had good reviews from some Cakeflix members but I haven't made it myself.



I tried the cake following recipe to letter but it was very dense and had no flavour.


Not for everyone then? Planet cake have a recipe too which members have raved about. There's only so much white mud cake one can make 🙂 not one of my faves. I've never managed to produce a good one yet. I think it has to do with the amount of fats in the white chocolate. I wonder if it would help adjusting the oil or butter content and to some extent the sugar too as white chocolate is so sweet. As for flavouring, you could enhance it with a good table spoon of vanilla extract or perhaps another pairing like lemon. I like cardamom in mine ( childhood cardamom milk memories) but not to everyone's liking.

I've had a search on the site to see what other members have posted. Take a peek here:

white chocolate cake


You could try adding some melted white chocolate to the above, might work

White chocolate mud moist cake

I'm sure there are more comments and recipes but the search facility doesn't seem to bring them all up. I hope you find a decent one. If you do, would please share? that would be so kind. 🙂 X