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asked July 18th 2012

white chocolate cake

hi i've to make a white chocolate cake it has to be strong for carving thats why  i was wondering if i can use pauls chocolate cake recipe can i replace the dark chocolate with white? and if not does some one have a strong recipe x



Hi annabel, I wouldn't recommend using white chocolate in the same way as in Paul's recipe. White chocolate has a much higher fat content and your cake will probably present problems. I suggest you have a look at Fiona Cairn's white chocolate and cardamom recipe in google, you can leave out the cardamom since it's only a flavouring. I have never tried this recipe so it's a case of experimenting but it does look good.


Two 8in tins

110g white chocolate

4t tablespoons milk

225g butter or margarine

225g caster sugar

4 large eggs

225g self-raising flour

1 level teaspoon baking powder

25g ground almonds


line base of tins with greaseproof paper

heat oven to gas4/180c/350f

gently melt chocolate in the milk and cool

cream fat and sugar

gradually beat in eggs then the cooled chocolate

sieve flour and baking powder fold it into mixture with ground almonds

divide into tins, smooth the tops bake for 35 minutes or until golden


thank you i will have a look and can i leave out the almonds or will it effect the end result it for a little babys cake thanks


sorry annabel i have never tried it with out almonds but you could try without .I think it may be ok

good luck


You could substitute the ground almonds with the same weight in flour so that the recipe remains balanced. Sounds like a lovely recipe, if you do bake it, would love your feed back on it.


I was drawn to this recipe because of the ground almonds.  I have always found that recipes containing them  are moist.  It is not a great amount and would be a shame to leave it out.  I think the flavour would be suitable for a child's cake.


Thank you so much for this. No I'm not a great fan of mud cakes but this recipe looks good.


Glad you’ve found something to please. ?

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