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asked July 6th 2012

Lengthening the shelf life of cakes


Ive got a a couple of questions about adding glycerine to sponge cakes to keep them moist for longer:

1.  Can it benadded to any sponge cake?

2.  How much is added to different size cakes?

3.  Does it affect the taste in any way?



Ps I think the cocoa powder has been left off the

list of ingredients on the chocolate cake recipe on the website under the video.



Hi, yes you can add it to any cake but if it's a moist cake already I don't think it will make much difference, I have only used it in maderia cake and you dont taste it. It does help to make it more moist but it won't extend the shelf life of the cake as the reason a Madeira keeps longer is because of the extra flour making it more dense. A Madeira cake should keep for two weeks but if you need a longer shelf life have you tried freezing your cakes? If you want to use glycerine I think it's half a teaspoon per egg. Hope that helps!


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We took advice from our bakery supplier's technical people on this a while ago. It really does vary recipe to recipe but with ours if you added a tablespoon of glycerine per batch (6 x 8"x10" cakes) then you would add 5 days to the shelf life.

Of course storage conditions have as much to do with it as anything else.

This amount didn't change the taste of the cake at all.

Good question.

Kind regards, David


I bake madeira all the time and add quarter teaspoon of glycerine per one medium size egg, if I use large eggs I increase by one teaspoon on the overall recipe (not per egg). Now I do find that the taste changes slightly so I just add extra grated lemon or orange rind/ vanilla if not using the other. Hope this helps.


Hi all,

Just to let anyone still following this question know Paul added an answer in a recent video blog post found here: http://www.cakeflix.com/blog/questions-from-the-q-a


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I was talking to my Mum today & was telling her about this, she said the teacher she had some 50 years ago told them to add ground almonds, ie; if you need 16ozs of flour reduce it to 12ozs & add 4 ozs of ground almonds, apparently lenghtens the shelf life & keeps the cake moist.

I have yet to try it.


I want to start mini cake business , I always notice after 3-5 days d mini cakes go bad ,please what should I use or do please

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