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asked August 15th 2020

Looking for a very fluffy white sponge recipe

Posted for: Dalya QANDALA:

I’m looking for very very fluffy sponge white colour Airy recipe and yummy melted in the
mouth. Waiting your replay. Many thanks.


Hi Sky64

It’s very easy to make cakeflour. Take a peek at the following link for instructions:




Hi David

I can suggest Angel food cake recipe or white velvet buttermilk sponge. This type of sponge is made with the egg whites only which gives the pure white colour. The cake crumb is soft, melt in the mouth but sturdy, and best served with fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Liz Marek of Sugar Geek show has both but there is a wide choice of similar recipes on youtube. I would recommend selecting recipes from well-established sites like Delia Smith, Mary Berry, or the aforementioned Liz Marek.

It’s a good idea to make small trial cakes for quality and taste. Hope suggestions help your poster. πŸ™‚


Thank you x



Liz Marek recipe for the white velvet buttermilk sponge uses Cake Flour – so what is the UK equivalent?
Thank you.

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