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asked May 29th 2012

Luggage case

Hi Paul

Will you be doing a tutorial for a luggage case/brief case like the one pictured on your home page please?


many thanks


I’m amazed LV could be so petty! after all having their logo displayed to such a wide audience in cake is surely to the benefit of their sales rather than a detriment. There are hundreds of decorators making LV designs on all sorts of crafty products, I’d like to see them all stopped, some how don’t think so!! I believe their logo can also be purchased as chocolate transfer sheets, so how does that work, and why just gun after designer cakes.com?


Crazy!! Not like you can go to them to buy a cake!! Maybe they should send a solicitors letter to everyone who has ever made a LV cake!! Can’t believe they would have even wasted their time doing that.

Thank you for your response andlook forward to seeing a brief case on here even if it’s not a LV or designer one


I can understand the issue here, Louis Vuitton are one of the most copied brands on the planet .  They are fierce about protecting the brand and won’t hesitate to take legal action if they find someone using their logo without consent – they grant very few people licences to use their logo or associate with their brand.  I think it’s probably a testament to how well Paul’s work is known that it came to their attention in the first place!

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