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asked December 19th 2012

Madeira Cake – 3d Giraffe

Hi guys,

I have been asked to make a 3d giraffe cake and specifically asked for a victoria sponge. I have told my friend this would not work as would not be strong enough for stacking. She has asked for it to be very Can anyone give me any advice on this, what is Mrs Jones cake recipe like?

Also can anyone provide me with some guidance for freezing and how I do this with success, I don’t want the cake to lose its moistness?



Hi Siobhan, I haven’t made Mrs Jones cake so I can’t comment on that but freezing actually adds moisture to the cake (I tested this once by cutting a cake in two and storing one half at room temp and freezing the other half!). I wrap in two layers of cling film and then a freezer bag. You can freeze it for up to a month.


Hi Siobhan

The best sponge to make a giraff cake is indeed a madeira, it will be able to take the carving and stacking that a tall structure requires. Victoria sponge is lovely for celebration cakes and smaller carved cakes which are not going to be too heavy. Madeira freezes beautifully and as Doodlecake says, the process makes it very moist. You can further moisten it with a simple syrup drench. Have a look at the question ‘ How long can I wait after icing the cake’ (under recent questions) for information on simple syrup. Hope this helps.

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