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asked July 5th 2012


hi to everyone, help! I have a problem with my cake rising. I follow an 8inch recipe and use a 8inch cake tin. fill it half way up but my cake is still at that level when it is baked. I baked it at 140 fan. what am I doing wrong?


Hi there this may sound daft but do you use baking powder? If you do try making sure you dont bang any air out of your mixture when you put it in the tin and most importantly do NOT open your oven until way past half its baking time as this causes it to flop. i always bake in the middle at 170 fan? Hope any of that helps.


We use a conventional oven and get the rise so can’t work out what’s happened.

Normally it would suggest that its not baked properly as the temperature’s too low or not been in for long enough.

I know this isn’t particularly helpful but it took us a bit of trial and error and plenty of truffles before getting the recipe and oven temp and timing to work just right.

Best to keep a close eye on what you are doing then replicate once you get what works for you.


I use lindy smiths recipe and for an 8″ takes me about 90 mins at 160.  I use plain flour with baking powder instead of self rising


hi jmilne, thanks  I will try that I have a lindy smith book. 🙂

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