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asked August 17th 2021

Make flower paste out of modeling paste?

Hello, I am making a Louboutin shoe for the top of a cake. I have Saracino modelling paste but don't think it will be sturdy enough, if I add one of the strengthening gums would that take it to be closer to flower paste please? If this is not suitable what should I use please?


Hi Shaar

Saracino modelling paste has excellent reviews for making models. For the shoe however, I think it might be sensible to strengthen the paste slightly with a little gum trag or something similar like CMC or Tylose. I have only ever used Squires paste for shoes.

As Saracino is already a strong product, add as little as a quarter teaspoon to 500g to start with. You can always add a little more if that isn’t enough. Let the paste rest for a few hours to allow the strengthening substance to activate. If you use gum trag, the paste should be rested for 12 hours before use.

Hope suggestion helps πŸ™‚

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