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asked November 9th 2012

Making white chocolate ganache

I’ve made the dark chocolate ganache many times without problem, but cannot find a good method for making white chocolate ganache. I’ve tried at least doubling the chocolate to cream but I get a horrible consistency that is very greasy. Can someone give me a definitive method for making white chocolate ganache please? I’m thinking that the cream shouldn’t be heated and only the chocolate melted before mixing together.


There’s a good youtube video I’ve seen, think it’s Australian, where she makes all 3 types of ganache. Her recipe is one part dark choc, to one part cream, 2 part milk choc to one part cream, and 3 part white choc, to one part cream.
e.g 300ml cream x 300g dark
300ml cream x 600g milk
300ml cream x 900g white
It’s all done in the microwave, bit by bit.


Hi Skennerly22

Three parts chocolate and one part cream is what I use. This ratio makes a strong white ganache. You can make it in the micro if you’re confident to do it, however, I find the cream heating method more reliable as white chocolate will spoil very quickly if you get the temperature wrong. Boiling cream for white ganache will make it greasy because white chocolate has a much higher fat content to dark. Only heat the cream, you should still be able to put your finger into the cream without scalding yourself. Pour the cream onto grate chocolate and swirl round to distribute it into the choc. You can gently mix it with a spoon or pallet knife. Heat it in the micro on the lowest temp setting for only ten seconds at a time until it reaches the correct consistency.
White choc isn’t really chocolate because it has very low coco content, if any. A good coco content for white choc is around 23/31 per cent. There is info in the free/beginners section on white ganache.

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