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asked July 1st 2012

Making your own Cutters

Does anyone have info on how to make your own cutters eg. Petal cutters, I have heard you can make them out of old coke cans?


Hi Clare, I attempted making my own cutters with strips of tin but it is quite hard getting the shapes to be accurate and there is some special equipment requirement. I’ve also shaped extra strong foil again with similar results. There is information on line for making tin cutters and silicone moulds just google it in, however, there are so many inexpensive cutters available it would be easier to buy, unless of course you especially want to learn the technique.


Thanks for that info madeitwithlove.  I hadn’t read about making your own cutters.  I agree there are plenty out there at a reasonable price but if I ever wanted a ‘one off’ I may try to make it now.

J x


Jayess, If I ever want a one off cutter, I cut out a template from cardboard. Making metal cutters requires riveting to hold the shape together. Some of the equipment can get pricey.

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