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asked January 29th 2013

Melting buttercream

Could anyone share some light on why my buttercream keeps melting? I make my buttercream to how Paul does his on the free video but for some reason every time I put the buttercream into my piping bags and start piping onto cake it has already started melting. I have tried it in the fridge to set and turn my heating off so it cooler in the house but nothing seems to work. HELP!!!!!!


Hi Kel

When I pipe with buttercream (very seldom!) I have it in two bags, keep one bag in a bowl of ice while using the other, then swap them round if the one in use starts to get too soft. Heat from hands melts the buttercream so keeping hands cool and working quickly with it helps. If this doesn't work try using less butter and more icing sugar so the BC is slightly stiffer.

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