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asked February 27th 2014

Milk and white chocolate ganache

can I make milk chocolate ganache with Galaxy and what is the minimum cocoa content you need in your chocolate to make ganache?


Hi there
I made a ganache with galaxy chocolate last week. I used 700gms of galaxy chocolate and 300mls of double cream. It was a great success. That was enough to fill and cover an 8" round cake.
Normally, whatever weight in chocolate you use, you half that for the mls of cream that you will need.
I think I remember Paul saying in one of his tutorials that if you are making a white chocolate ganache then you need to use more white chocolate to cream than if you were making a milk or dark chocolate ganache.

Hope all that makes sense.


Yes thank you ,I'll try it. Though the ratio of chocolate to cream was 3:1 for milk chocolate ganache?


Hi Tomandhen123

There's a ganache quantities chart for different size cakes and different chocolates here

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