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asked January 25th 2013

Milk chocolate??

Can I use milk chocolate in Paul's chocolate cake recipe instead of dark chocolate?


Thank you! I might just stick with the dark!


Hi 3sweet

I guess you could but I definitely would not use anything less than 45% cocoa content. Milk chocolate has far more sugar in it than dark, and since the recipe has a high content of sugar already, the cake would be really sickly. It might be better to use half dark and half milk, I think it would be more palatable. Hope this helps.


Hi just wondering did you replace the dark chocolate with milk in the end? MIWL - Could you reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe to counteract the sweetness? Thanks!


HI Sueannbailey

Yes the sugar can be reduced by as much as 200g but of course it would be a different recipe. Several members have done it and you can see their results in this thread:

‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ My feed back

There is a similar chocolate cake recipe in the blog section which uses less sugar. If you'd like to see it, peek here:
..... https://www.cakeflix.com/how-to-make-chocolate-mud-cake

Milk chocolate would give very different results. It contains less cocoa solids and a great deal more sugar. Cocoa solids help build the structure of the cake crumb, while too much sugar will break it down.
All the ingredients would have to be adjusted making it a new recipe and not Paul's moist chocolate cake.

If you have time to browse, you may find other hints and tips in the feed back thread useful. 🙂


That's a great idea! 50% cocoa solids is ideal. 🙂

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