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asked May 20th 2022

Mini cake

I have been asked to make 40 individual mini iced cakes for wedding approx 2.5 / 3 inches
Any suggestions easiest way to go about this


Hi Alicain

Making small individual iced wedding cakes can be extremely time-consuming and best avoided if possible. A beautiful, highly decorated cake can still be achieved with frosted or ganached cakes. Cakes can be rustically or smooth frosted and can be embellished with edible gold specks or accented with gold or silver edible paints or edible glitter, edible flowers, or other simple elegant decorations.

A recipe for 2 x 12 x16 inch ( 30 x40 cm) sheet cake would yield enough cake for 40 individual cakes 2" deep. This is for a basic victoria cake recipe using the all-in-one method. Divide each sheet into 2 equal parts, which will give 2 double-layer cakes once filled. To keep the layers moist, brush them with a little simple syrup before filling. Chill or freeze the cakes to make them easier to cut out individual shapes and for crumb coating.

Once filled and crumb coated, allow to chill again before icing. If cakes are more than two layers, center dowel the layers with one straw to prevent any movement of the layers. For a good tutorial guide for mini iced cakes, take a peek here:

For more informative videos, google/youtube for individual mini iced cakes.

Hope suggestions help. Please come back if you need more information.

EDIT: As another thought, (not according to your brief), you could also do wedding cupcakes. We have some beautiful cupcake tutorials on Cakeflix which would be worth a visit. You could encourage your customer to think about cupcakes. The individual mini iced cakes would be, a lot more expensive because of the time they take to accomplish.

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