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asked November 13th 2012

mini fruit cakes baking time

Hi, I’m looking to bake 16 mini 2″ fruit cakes in one of those sets with the 16 rings on a base tray to make mini christmas cakes. I’ve figured out that I’d need the smae amount of mixture as an 8″ round cake but wasn’t sure about the cooking time required. Has anyone tried this before and have any advice?




Hi Justine

I have similar pans but mine are heart shaped. I’ve never baked fruit cakes in them, however, I have baked madeira for 18minutes at 140c fan. If I was doing fruit I’d probably do them at 120c fan for 30minutes and have a quick look at them. Not much help I know when you want precise timing, one consolation is if you did have a quick look, fruit cake won’t collapse in the same way as a sponge. Sorry can’t do any better. x


Justine I think this will be more useful to you http://www.magentacakes.co.uk/blog/mini-christmas-cakes-part-1/
this is a recipe for a 9″ round to be used for 16 minis. Now I can perhaps make some too. x

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