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asked January 12th 2013


Looking at buying a mixer which I have not bought before.

Is there any recommendation ?

Also what is better a k beater or creamer beater what is the difference ?


Hi kbrown

There are several answers on the site, just put in the search box ‘stand mixer’. I have the largest of the Kenwood Chefs, mine comes with lots of attachments two of which are their signature K beaters. One is stainless steel which is used for heavy mixing like fruit cakes, cookie dough or a very big mix. The flexi K beater is for beating less heavy batter like sponge and it scrapes the sides of bowl down while mixing. The whisk attachment is for whisking up egg whites and cream, the creamer beater which I don’t have is for quick whisking. I think this looks like two spirals which are used for more delicate whisking for making foams etc. The only creamer I know of is one which agitates cream to make butter or ice cream. Half my attachments just sit around never being used, it’s best when buying to consider which ones you really need. I have so much ‘clutter’, drives me nuts! And worse still cost too much to give away. x


Thanks for your help ended up going with a Kenwood looking forward to getting it

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