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asked June 3rd 2022

Module 2 sugarpaste

I don't have my chocolate cake to ice the dog jumped onto the bench and helped himself to it! I'm now gettin round to doin module 2 could I use a 8inch by 5 deep dummy to cover?And also where do I find the punch cutters?David


Hi David Williams

I’m not really sure whether using a dummy would be an acceptable substitute for the CakeflixMasters assessment.

The module is testing the ability to cover a cake which is softer than a dummy and handles differently when covering.

This only my opinion. It’s best to contact David and ask him directly. His contact is as follows:

[email protected]

The plunger cutters can be purchased in all local or online cake decorating supplies stores. Just google them by name to see suppliers.

Please be aware that some cheaper versions on eBay and Amazon can be inferior in quality. Try and buy the better tools, which will last longer. They’re not particularly expensive in the first instance.🙂


Hi David

Just to confirm Madetitwithlove's comment that for CakeFlix Master it must be a real cake.
We share your pain having lost numerous cakes and ingredients to athletic dogs!

Kind regards,

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