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asked March 18th 2018

Moist chocolate cake -Pauls

*Subject* Moist chocolate cake *Message* Please could
you help me my son in law has just found out that he is Celia and I want to
make him your lovely chocolate cake for his birthday. Pleased is it
possible for you to advise me if it cake will be ok with gluten free flour.
Or if you can give me any advice as I’ve not cooked a gluten free cake


Hi Hazel1949

Although I haven't done it, several members have used Dove's gluten free plain and self raising flours combined to get good results. Please take a peek at my answer and member feedback in the following link:

Gluten free…Paul’s choc cake

I recommend that you make a small trial cake first. To help scale the recipe up or down, find the site's calculators here: https://www.cakeflix.com/cake-calculators
Paul's recipe is already pre loaded just select the size you require. Post again if you need more information. 🙂

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