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asked August 19th 2012

moist chocolate cake

Hi can anyone help please when i cook pauls moist chocolate cake it seems to sink in the middle and seem to have a had crust in the middle of the cake where it sinks to my oven temp is 130 and it a fan assisted oven would be grateful for and ideas why this is happening Thanks lisa


Hi there don’t be tempted to open the oven door as rich choc cakes are always heavier/more dense I find. Try putting  greaseproof paper on the top while baking to stop the crustiness. Hope this helps


Hi Lisa

I haven’t baked cupcakes with this recipe,  just an eight inch cake which I baked at 130c fan assisted but I preheated my oven at 135 and turned it down once the cake was in. I had a lovely cake with a little sinking and a crust which softened once cooled.  There is one similar question to yours, if you put in the search box Paul’s chocolate recipe for cupcakes or cupcakes the answer will come up for you. It may also help you to look at the many Q&As for this recipe, there are hints and tips from other members who have had good results.


Thank you for the replys i have used greaseproof paper in the tine the same as paul but i have noticed that my oven door seal is not fully sealing at the bottom so maybe this could be a factor, Thank you everyone


Hi there,

I would like to ask a quick question. The recipe calls for a 10″ and 6″round, but I’m looking  to bake a 10″ square, shall I use the same recipe?

Thanks in advance!



A square tin of the same size, will use more batter, especially if you want a good depth to your cake, so you probably won’t get the 6″ cake too

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