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asked July 13th 2012

Monday collections

I have an order for a cake that the customer wants to pick up on Monday morning (her daughter’s birthday)but it won’t be eaten until Tuesday (her party). I am able to make it over the weekend but don’t want to make a habit of it! Just wondered what others do? Would you make it the week before, which would mean baking it on the Thursday?


When we had the bakery for operational reasons we had to start some cakes on the Monday that weren’t  to be eaten ’til the Saturday. There was never a problem as we used oil mixes (with a little glycerine) which made sure that the cake was still moist for around 2 weeks as long as the cake was covered.

It does vary recipe to recipe but as long as the cake is covered and stored in a cool place (not the fridge) then you should have no problems at all.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with David.  I have made a cake, covered with fondant same or next day and it still tasted ok a week later.  It was a sponge cake (with buttercream and jam) and I didn’t add any oil.  I am paranoid however and like to make as close to the day as possible!



Hi, I made a cake – madeira with jam and buttercream filling – for my friend who was giving it to a work colleague as a birthday gift.  I then found out that the lady was going on holiday the day after her birthday for two weeks and I told my friend that it probably wouldn’t last that long.  However, when the lady returned to work a fortnight later she cut the cake and said that it was beautiful and moist!!  Obviously the fondant had done it’s job.  I usually bake, freeze, defrost and allow about three days before it’s needed for decorating, so I think you’ll be fine with baking it on the Thursday, but be sure to keep it cool.


Hi Doodlecake,

I always bake a good few days in advance – if you’re looking for cakes that keep well, oil based cakes like Paul’s one, or a chocolate mud cake or Madeira cake will be best.  In fact, if you double wrap them in cling film, both Madeira and mud cake are moister after a week – just remember the glycerine in your Madeira.  I used a quarter teaspoon of glycerine for every egg (i.e. 6 egg cake = 1.5 teaspoons of glycerine).

Hope that helps!

JC x


Thank you 🙂

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