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asked March 9th 2021

Mrs Jones fruitcake and brown sugar

I am making Mrs Jones fruit cake and only have dark brown sugar. Do you think it will make a difference, as recipe says to use light brown?


Hi Tomandhen123

It’s ok to use dark brown sugar, just be aware that the cake will be much darker in colour but still taste wonderful. It will be a rich fruit cake rather than a light fruit cake.

I usually use dark brown sugar for Christmas cakes and wedding cakes which have to be matured for months to develop their flavour.

Light brown sugar for most other occasions or if someone wants a light fruit cake.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Yes, thank you. It will be the bottom tier of my daughters wedding cake! I’ve made the recipe before, using light brown sugar and it always comes out amazing! Can’t recommend Mrs Jones recipe enough 😊


Oh WoW!! Congratulations!! When is your daughter’s wedding? Such happy, happy news in what has been a terrible, sad year. Wishing you and your family much happiness 🤗😘

I agree about Mrs Jones’ recipes. I love them too. XX

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