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asked September 10th 2020

Mrs Jones Madeira Cake

Is there any way I can print out the method for Mrs Jones Madeira Cake please?


Mrs Jones’ Madeira Cake was one of our first baking recipes filmed. At the time of filming we relied on the video to explain the method. However, we later realised from feedback that viewers also wanted the method written. For the past 4 years we have written out the method for baking and certain decorating instructions.

As with all changes we make now given the size of our library built up over the past 9 years, we don’t have the resources to back fix and changes. All we can do is implement the changes going forward.

Sorry that I can’t offer a more positive answer, but if there is a specific are that requires clarity please get in touch and I’d be happy to clarify. Happy baking! Kind regards, David 🙂

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