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asked January 10th 2020

mrs jones recipe

Hi, i was just watching mrs Jones red velvet recipe and she said there was a link to her white chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe but i cant see it and i cant find it on here. Can anyone help?


Hi maisy

Mrs Jones’ recipe for cream cheese frosting was never uploaded. If you return to the comments below the video, scroll down to 2018 comments to see several suggestions made by David.

Baking a Red Velvet Cake

Alternatively, you could contact Mrs Jones directly on her own website. Google search mrsjonescakes.co.uk or look in the tutor tab to see her details.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Thanks. I’ve had a look and just wondering, is her recipe the usual cream cheese recipe, because don’t know if I got it wrong, as I thought she had a recipe of cream cheese frosting with white chocolate.
Also I tried Mrs Jones website and it linked back to the old site – designer cakes and my iPad suggested it wasn’t a safe site to go to, so didn’t click on it.


Hi maisy

I’m not sure that Mrs Jones ever mentioned the ingredients. Here is one of David’s replies to another member:

David Brice
February 18th, 2019

Hi Wendy,
Sorry for misleading mention of the cream cheese recipe.

Paul uses Martha Stewart’s Cream Cheese recipe….

I’m not aware of any security problems with Mrs Jones’ website. I’ve just been browsing it for security messages and my device hasn’t flagged up anything. You can contact her by phone. Here are all her contact details:


Please do come back if you need more information.

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