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asked June 29th 2019

Mrs Jones Vanilla Sponge

I am baking this sponge 16” x 4” please could you recommend cooking time and temperature. I have used the Cake Calculator for quantities


Hi Bakerella

Are you baking 16 inch square x 4 inch deep? If you are, that is a very large mixture and may not bake through properly. It would be more practical to bake 2 x 2 inch layers and keep to the given temperature until you think it is baked. Try 1hr 20mins and check, bake on if it needs. Search in this section for large vanilla cake to see other answers. I’m unable to set a link as I don’t know how to do it from my iPhone. 🙂


Thank you it sounds like a sensible suggestion I will certainly try your recommendation


I hope it works out for you. Your feedback would be much appreciated. 🙂

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