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asked September 9th 2020

Mrs Smith’s Cupcakes

I have made the cupcakes from the recipe, but my cupcakes keep overflowing, I have only filled them half full ?


Hi Marie Rushton

As far as I am aware, we do not have a tutor Mrs Smith. Did you mean Mrs Jones? If you did, I suggest you fill the cupcake cases with slightly less of the quantity batter recommended in the recipe.

Hope that solves the problem. 🙂


can the cupcakes be made into a cake....say 2 8 inch cake layers?? if so what qty


Hi elaine77

Mrs Jones’ cupcake recipe is extremely light and fluffy. Personally, I would not convert it for a layered cake. I don’t feel it could sustain stacking. Mrs Jones has her really fabulous vanilla cake recipe on the Cakeflix site which can be layered and stacked.

However, it may be best to ask Mrs Jones for advice on her own recipe. She can be contacted here:

mailto:[email protected]

On her website, she also has a telephone contact. Mrs Jones is a lovely, helpful tutor who, will be no doubt, be delighted to guide you through converting her recipe.

Hope this helps. Your feed back will be grateful appreciated. 🙂

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