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asked May 8th 2012

Must White Chocolate contain cocoa solids to work in Ganache ?

* this was original posted in the question “Will ganache stiffen up?” by susansteele21

I have made chocolate ganache lots of times and always had great success with it.  However, I made white chocolate ganache with the amounts according to a recipe and it turned out quite greasy and slimey and wouldn’t stick.  I then checked the ingredients listed on the packet and noted that it did not contain any cocoa solids.  I then bought some more white chocolate ensuring that this time it contained cocoa solids and it worked fine.  So am I right in assuming that the white chocolate must contain cocoa solids for it to work and that this was the reason for the first attempt failing?


I make white chocolate ganache all the time as a preference to dark or milk. To get really good results with white chocolate use double quantities of chocolate to cream. So if you have 200gms of choccy use 100mls of double cream. You can even use more chocolate if you still feel the consistency is not right for you. Don’t forget that it takes longer to set up, so once you’ve decorated your cake throw it in the fridge until fully set. White chocolate ganache makes great piped flowers too. Keep the piping bag as cool as possible, a little tip is to have two bags of ganache and a bowl of ice to keep the contents from melting too much from the heat of your hands, this tip also is good for butter cream. Hope it works for you.


Yes, I know that the quantities change for the different types of chocolate being used.  I have made white chocolate ganache successfully before, but can’t remember what brand of chocolate I used.  So, I was wondering if you all could check the white chocolate that you use and let me know if it says that it contains cocoa solids or not.  Also, what brands you have had success with and recommend.  Thanks so much.



I never check for coco solids in white chocolate, I just use double or more amount of white chocolate to cream and have never had a problem. I use Lidle’s white chocolate, at 99 pence for 200gms it is exceptionally good value and you can use loads of it! Aldi also have their own for the same price, perhaps slightly smoother. You can of course use fancy Belgium chocolate which is a lot more expensive for less weight, but quite honestly, unless you’re really, really fussy, the taste of the budget brands is just as good and holds up very well. As with all chocolate, in hot weather it is advisable to keep cakes in a cool room if they can’t be refridgerated.


Thanks for that.  Now that you mention it, I do recall someone telling me that they use Lidl chocolate.  Ok, so off tomorrow to Lidl!!


Yes , but as white chocolate contains a lower cocoa content than dark or milk chocolate you would need to add more chocolate / less cream to get the consistency required.

Also be aware that it’ll take longer to set and in direct light will have a lower melting temperature.



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You’re welcome! Cor! don’t you just love this new set up??!!


Yip, I do!  Went to Lidl yesterday and boy do they have some amount of chocolate there!  I got my white chocolate and will be trying it at the end of this week.  Thanks.

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