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asked November 11th 2012

NEC Birmingham

Hello Everybody,

I went to the cake show but I did not see anyone with a badge on! Maybe I was too busy looking at the stalls. I don,t know how you all got on but I was a little dismayed at some of the pushing and shoving going on and it has put me off wanting to go again. I am not very tall and easily intimidated. Anyone else had that problem?

Also did any of you buy very much? I was very impressed at the sugar veil but found it quite expensive.

How did you all get on?


Hi Jgibb

I saw of a few of our members walking around I stopped to say hi. I was looking out for you from how you said you’d be dressed. I came for the three days, haven’t left B’ham yet.
I thought the show was brilliant, spent far too much money on books, more cutter, stencils and fondant. I did five workshops and spent time with PBSS and visted other exhibitors. Like yourself, I am slightly built and I worry about my arm getting knocked, but it’s a big event so I guess we have to expect a crush.
My highs from the show are seeing David and Paul, Paul Doffman and Matt. I loved all the exhibits (envious really!), enjoyed the workshops and learned about so many new products and skills. The lows include the cost of a cup of coffee, occasional worry and traffic, but on the whole I had a fantastic time and so did hubby. We’re off home today all spent out but ready to do it all again in April. X


Hi Madeitwithlove,

It would seem you are an ardent fan of all things cake! I only booked last minute and having never been to one before I was not aware of the workshops and demonstrations….maybe next time. I will be keeping a watch out for the next one.

I too worry about the arm…but as you said, it was to be expected with it being so big. Did you get to see the sugarveil kit?….it is amazing what you can do with it…I must admit I was so tempted but as my business is only just starting up it would have been a big investment too early…never mind.


I was there on Sunday, and didn’t see anyone else with a badge either. We arrived about 10;30, and it was fairly quiet, but we made the mistake of having a coffee, and by that time, it was much busier, and being 5ft nothing, I also found it hard to see, but after a few mins, would find a little crack to creep into, and get to the front 🙂
By 4pm, it was wonderful, could see anything I wanted, no crowds at all, but by that time, we were done in, and would soon be having to leave to get out coach.
Could have spent a fortune, but bought the mat, Ann Pickard plaque cutters, PC books, cake boxes, foam formers, and lots of other bits and bobs….wish now I’d splashed out on the fonderific sugar paste, it tasted lovely. The last 3 years I’ve vowed not to come again, due to the crowds, but I bet I’m there again next year LOL


Hi, I wore my badge but was so absorbed in looking at the cakes that I kept forgetting to look for others wearing them! Miwl, I returned to Paul’s stall a couple of times to try and catch you and I kept just missing you! Although it was busy, I did manage to see everything I wanted to and, to my great delight, I found Debbie Brown at her stall on her own and when I mentioned I couldn’t get hands right she showed me how to do it!

I didn’t have much cash on me, which I think was a good thing as I could only spend at places that took cards! I did splash out on the Sugarveil though and I can’t wait to give it go. Will let you know how I get on!

Angela x


Hi, I was there on the friday and totally agree with you Jgibb. It was mine and my husbands first time there and we were totally shocked at the pushing and shoving and rudeness. I even gave my two handbag tutorial tickets back to Paul to try and sell as by 1pm we had had enough of all the competing and just had to get out of there. It was great to meet Paul and David in person and I’m sure they must be absolutely exhausted. I bought some satin Ice to try and some silicone putty so looking forward to having a go. Will I go again next year? hmmm maybe but armed with a flask and a packed lunch.


Hi, I also went on Friday and arrived shortly after the show opened and it was quite pleasant for 30 minutes and then the crowds built up and it was really difficult to see anything. Last year I had a list of the things I wanted to look for and felt much more organised than this year so… tip to myself, write a list for next year so that I can focus on what I need to and then anything on top is a bonus!
That said I did get to meet Paul which I was really pleased about, he is a real friendly guy and I am really hoping that I can manage to get to Scotland for one of his courses next year! I also met Maiditwithlove and Howard and i felt quite fortunate to have met them but didn’t see anyone else wearing a badge. As for the purchases, there were a number of things from the designer rolling pins, moulds and cutters to marshmallow sugar paste and an airbrush which I now need to find some time to learn how to use it.


Hello Everyone!

Well Jgibb I don’t think I’m an ardent fan of all things baking, I just love all food whether it’s cakes or savoury. I love to feed, nourish and nurture my family, friends and strangers.I am my mother’s daughter. When she was alive, visitors to our home were not allowed to leave until they were fed, even if it was just a piece of cake! Now my hubby says I am mother to all the world. I also love and appreciate people who can teach me something useful, all of you do that, and Paul is just the best teacher, I love learning from his easy relaxed way. David is always on hand to help and advise, as are Paul D and Matt in their own field of expertise.
Doodlecake, Sharon and Michelle, I’m sorry we missed each other, and Nicky it was lovely to meet you. I hope we can do it again, but next time make firm arrangements for a meet up. Happy caking and decorating guys for we are now fast approaching the silly season! xx

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