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asked May 31st 2021

Need baking help

Hello,I'm doing a cake tasting on the 12th and 13th of june-it will be prepack cake.there will be 5 different flavors cake-red velvet,almond,carrot,moist white choc and Paul's.moist choco cakes with macarons and cheese cake.
I would like to know when I should start to do the baking as I want my clients to get fresh and moist cake on those days which can last for another 2/3 days.plz advise how I should pack them individually.



Please see here for a couple of relevant answers:

Cake samples

.... also search in Q & A ‘ cake samples’ to see more comments and answers.

Please come back if you need more information 🙂


Thnx for the reply.Will i be able to bake,layered a red velvet and carrot cake then freeze,i intend to use cream cheese and chocolate frosting.i will pack each sample with cellophane,should I pack and freeze or freeze then pack on day of delivery.
Could you please recommend me shop in london where i can buy cakes.products at affordable prices.
Thnx in advance


Personally, I would not layer, fill and freeze. That’s just my opinion. I think it is better to do the filling and covering closer to delivery as some fillings do not freeze and defrost well.

Please be aware that cream cheese frosting has to be kept refrigerated and can remain at room temperature for approximately two hours.

Unfortunately, I am unable to recommend shops which sell inexpensive cake products in London. However, I can definitely recommend
Squires Kitchen for all their baking products and baking and decorating tools.

Squires Kitchen is based in Farnham. All their products are accessible via their online shop, in the following link:


For good tasting cakes, it is always recommended to use the best affordable products.

Hope this helps. If you need more information, just post back. 🙂