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asked October 27th 2012

Need reassurance!

Ok, I’m getting in a bit of a tizz so looking for some help!

I have a cake to do, which will be eaten next Sunday. I know the cake itself will be fine, it’s the icing I am worried about.

I am doing a duck, much like the teddy bear. I was all set to do either buttercream fur, or ganache but I’m now in a panic that it’ll go off. I will be icing it on Tuesday.

Any views?? xx


The ganache will be fine left out for five days, it’ll keep longer than that. Once your cake is decorated, keep it covered in a cake box in a cool room.x


Hi Kirstybaird

If you make it with ganache it’ll be ok left out, I wouldn’t like to leave a butter cream decorated cake out for five days, I think that’s too long. Only my opinion, others may have a different experience. x


Will the ganache be ok? xx


Brilliant, thanks so much xxx

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