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asked July 29th 2012

new to cake making

looking for some recipes that will do a good size cake .instead of making 2 or 3 to make  a nice size cake sorry im unsure of sizes


Hi kirmet

At the moment the site doesn’t have a specific recipe section but some members have posted recipes, and we do have Paul’s chocolate cake recipe which you can find in the free beginners course in the tutorial library. There may be a recipe section when the site undergoes further changes soon. In the mean time you could have a look at recipes online most of which give the size of cake tins you need to use . As a beginner it might be better if you choose simpler recipes say. like a Victoria sandwich, or even a carrot cake. You can scale up recipes by using the cakeometre or the ready reckoner which can be found in the blog. Have a look through the site as well, there are a couple of recipes dotted around which might appeal to you. Happy baking! and you can ask more questions any time, some one will always help.

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