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asked December 7th 2012


I was just wondering if anyone has problems with making models especially a bride and groom. I make them flat and make sure they release from the board but leave them for a week or so to dry. When I come to put the models on the cake body parts start to drop off. I also find it hard to round the backs of the models when stood up as they are flat from drying that way.
I am new to this forum and appreciate any replies. Many thanks. An avid cake maker, but still in the process of learning.



I stand my models up to dry so that they keep to shape- if the figure is standing I do the legs and feet one day then when hardened complete the top part of the figure. This prevents the weight of the body & head squashing the legs!
How do you attach the body parts. I use edible glue from rainbow dust and a little spaghetti in each join this keeps the pieces in place.

hope this helps


Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much for reply. I also use the same glue and spagetti but now I will make my models the same way as you have advised. It was very kind of you to take the time. I really appreciate it.
Many thanks and seasons greetings,

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