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asked September 22nd 2021

Paul’s chocolate cake

What am I doing wrong! I have attempted 3 times today Paul's firm and moist chocolate cake and each time the cake has completely sunk in the middle. I have thermometers in my oven so I know the temperature is okay. I was attempting the 6 inch size cake. The cake was cooked OK, just completely sunk. I don't have any problems with recalculated cakes from cakeflix.


Hi Yorkshirelass

So sorry the recipe has collapsed for you. This recipe doesn't need to be aerated too much, it just needs to be mixed together until combined. However, it can sometimes have these issues due to the high sugar content. Try reducing the sugar by about a third and you might find it will help.

Please also take a peek at the following thread full of loads of hints and tips for a successful bake.
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‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ My feed back

Good luck with your next bake. Please post back with the results. 🙂

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