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asked June 22nd 2017

paul’s chocolate cake- how many days

Hi, can you tell me if paul's chocolate cake will last 7 days please. It's needed for next Friday morning.
I plan to bake it this Saturday.
Thank you


Hi Julia,

Paul's chocolate cake recipe on the website will last for 7 days so long as it's stored in a cool, dry place . Make sure it's air tight and the cake has been left to cool before storing.

Alternatively, this cake tastes just as good, if not better, after being frozen. If you want the cake to last into the following week then best to freeze as soon as it's cooled then bring out the freezer 12 hrs or so before you need it.

Happy baking!!


Hi David
Thank you for that information.
I intend to ganache and cover with fondant, then leave it in a box in a cool room,
with the lid slightly ajar to dry out ,till I need to deliver it, would that be ok?

I have quite a lot of decorations to do and I wanted to get the cake out of the way first, lol


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