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asked August 5th 2022

Pauls easy chocolate cake

Hello all.
Has anyone tried making Pauls easy chocolate cake in a 10 inch sqaure or round tin? As it is a delicate runny mixture I was wondering how it will bake, It is alot of mixture to waste, so any hints or tips beforehand would be appreciated. Would wrapping the outside of the tin and using a nail be a good idea. Can a lower heat be used with a runny mixture.
Also if you have tried it what is the depth of the rise please. I will be baking it in 2 x 10″ sqaure tins one height is 2″ and the other is 3″.
Thankyou. Sandra.


? hope it turns out well for you. Your feedback will be much appreciated X


Hi Sandra

Is it the moist chocolate cake? If so, this recipe is set for a 10 or 11 inch square at 150c or 130c fan for 2 hours. It is imperative to let the cake bake without the temptation of opening the oven door. Having said that, you know your oven best, so relying on your own eyes and nose will be useful.

There is loads of very useful feed back on this recipe which you can read here:

‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ My feed back

The baked cake usually finishes at approximately 2.5 inches. You could increase the ingredients to get a taller cake. However, the baking time would need to be increased, keeping to the same temperature.

The conversion calculator is here:

Cake Calculators



No it is Pauls easy naked chocolate cake, it is a tutorial with Marion when he was in Spain. He uses small tins for the mixture, so was wondering how it would bake in a 10″ sqaure if anyone has tried it.


Hi Sandra

My apologies for getting the wrong cake. Don’t know how I missed that one!

I haven’t baked this recipe, but it looks straight forward which will bake up just as well in a 10 inch square tin as in the rounds. You’ll need to extend the baking time but I cannot really recommenced by how much.

I do however recommend that you double line the tin inside and out. If you have baking belts, they would be ideal. This is really to protect the corners which burn quickly in a long bake. You could perhaps lower temperature down to 130 c fan and let it bake longer.

I certainly would not open the oven much before 2 hours. Just keep an eye and nose on it. You’ll see the centre beginning to set as the cake starts to dome and crack. This doesn’t mean it’s done, but it’s a good indication that you can quickly open the oven and check the centre with a wooden skewer. Try not to allow too much heat to escape from the oven.

Hope this helps ?


Thankyou miwl, I will give this ago, definately going to invest in belts – alot quicker than foil and wet kitchen towel.


Hello miwl,
It has been a while but i have not been well, here is the feedback you asked for from Pauls easy chocolate cake, it baked well, i lowered the temperature to 130 (fan oven) and used tin foil with wet kitchen roll inside and wrapped this around the outside of the tins.
Placed it on the second shelf up from the bottom. It baked for 1 hour 10 minutes.
The cake turned out well but it is a very rich fudgey cake, and I needed it for a childrens cake so it wasn’t suitable for the occasion. i then tried pauls other simple chocolate cake but that was too rich and fudgey as well. I did manage to find a recipe on line that was lighter and based more on a victoria sponge type of cake but a chocolate version and it is just right and yummy. Thank you for your advice any how. I have used your calculators constantly, they are such a help and save so much time, what a wonderful tool to have.


Hi Sandra

I’m so sorry you’ve been unwell. Hopefully you are feeling much better. Thank you so very much for taking time out to give your excellent, detailed feedback. I’m so pleased you managed to get another recipe more suited for the occasion.

For an every day type of chocolate cake, I usually substitute some of the flour with dark cocoa powder. It’s really just a Victoria sponge with a bit of cocoa, which makes a lovely light cake with minimum ingredients.

Thank you also for using the calculators. I’m so happy you find them useful. The calculators were designed by Cakeflix with data provided by myself and my hubby. David and Paul have been outstanding when it comes to serving their site members for an easier baking experience.

Thank you again, you have been most helpful.

Best wishes ??

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