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asked October 30th 2022

Paul’s Gingerbread cake

Any ideas on what I add for a ‘crunchy’ filling with the cinnamon buttercream? I am drawing a blank. 😔. Thank you.


Hi CinTaMaNis

It really depends who you are catering for as, so many people these days seem to have allergic reactions to different foods.

My favourite crunchy addition is roasted broken mixed nuts. I usually roast the nuts with dark brown sugar, cool and pulse in a food processor. Another favourite is honeycomb or cinder toffee. Broken dark chocolate fruit and nut bars, chocolate coated cereals such as corn flakes or Rice Krispies are also tasty. Some very hard cookies will keep their crunch ( ginger nut) if not over pulsed.

Avoid anything which will absorb the moisture of the buttercream and soften.

Obviously there are many more choices. If you google ‘crunchy cake fillings’, you’ll see others which may be more suitable.

Happy crunching 😄


Oooo, I am salivating. Looks like I can’t go wrong with crunchy additions to this recipe. Cheers.

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